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Nutritional Support for mental health, addiction, digestive upset, weight management,  hormonal and reproductive health.

Hi! I'm Emily

BHSc Qualified Clinical Nutritionist, Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) Registered.

I have had my fair share of health issues – I’ve been battling with my weight ever since I can remember, had pretty bad depression, have been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and currently manage the atopic triad: asthma, hayfever, and eczema.

It has been a struggle getting to where I am now in terms of mental and physical health – and by no means is it perfect – but it has taken a lot of hard work, research and completing a degree in nutritional medicine to understand how to best manage my own health.

Along the way, I discovered a passion cooking, as well as a special interest in getting back to the basics to manage people’s health.
You’re here because you need to feel heard with what you’re going through, and you’re looking for a holistic, sustainable approach and not a non-existent magic pill.

I can assess your current situation and we can work on how to best get you feeling the best you can be, by working collaboratively together.

Emily Rowe Online Clinical Nutritionist

What is nutritional medicine and why is it important?

Nutritional medicine puts the focus back on using food as the primary tool for healing, giving you the ability to manage your own health – you just need to know how. 

It uses both traditional remedies and modern evidence-based protocols to get the maximum benefit. And, it looks to you as a whole person that requires a strong foundation for health, rather than a bundle of symptoms that are dealt with, but the underlying cause ignored – not here!

Initial consultations are an hour long. That’s long enough for me to get a good idea of your current situtation, how you got here and how you’d like to improve – then, I craft an individual treatment plan that suits your needs, and we work together to get where you want to be.

How do you know if now is the right time to schedule a consultation?

  • You have scoured dozens of pages of google looking for the right health answers for YOU, only to be told conflicting things, leaving you more confused than ever.
  • You want the hard work done for you – frankly, you don’t have the time or energy to commit to researching and creating an entire health regime to stick to and just want to get started.
  • You’ve spent a lot of money on weight loss supplements and teas that promised you’d lose weight/get more energy/clear your skin if you only bought their products, except… nothing happened.
  • You seem to have tried every diet under the sun, but couldn’t stick to it or it just didn’t fit your lifestyle and now you feel lost as to what your next step should be.
  • You’re not quite committed enough to investing in your health education and would rather spend your money elsewhere.
  • You’re not ready to make the necessary changes required to improve your current situation and would prefer your current, easier lifestyle.

To be brutally honest, I much prefer to work with people who are ready to commit to making the changes needed for them to succeed. This is both for your and my benefit – you won’t waste your money, time, and energy on something that isn’t going to work without some effort on your part, and I won’t expend energy on giving advice only to see that it isn’t being implemented. This just makes us both feel like we failed – not ideal.

I know that what I advise works because I have tried and tested it on myself. Dietary and lifestyle changes may not be as “sexy” as a weight loss pill on TV that claims it can shed 10kgs in a couple of months without any changes to diet, but at least it delivers real results!

It’s completely fine if you aren’t ready yet, I’ve been there too. We all go through different stages of change, and you may not have reached the stage of change of being ready to commit to yourself. You can always come back once you are. I’ll still be here once you do, but the chances are that if you’ve landed on my website and have read this far, you’re ready!

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