About Emily

Hi! I’m Emily, a clinical nutritionist and creator of E.J Nutrition & Wellness – a service designed to provide the tools and education for people to learn how to manage their own health.

I’ve struggled with my weight for the majority of my teenage and adult years, almost always being a bit overweight and struggling to lose it, even if it was the one thing I wanted most. ‘Why?’ I used to ask myself. I trialled all of the popular diets, calorie counting and whatever tip and trick I could find on the web, but even if I successfully lost weight, it would always come back on as old binge eating, anxiety-related and emotional eating habits resumed. Since then I’ve completed a degree as well as my own research on nutrition including the psychology behind weight loss and have healed my relationship with and perception of food. It has been a long process but I am currently almost at my goal weight and have discovered my passion in helping others reach theirs too in a way that is sustainable for each individual. 

During my studies and time with clients I’ve found other areas that I’m interested in as well which tend to be related to weight fluctuations, including: the female reproductive system (with a special interest in PCOS, PMS, and fertility) and mental health (with special interests in anxiety, depression, stress and sleep issues). 

If you need help with any of the above areas or would like help in another area, click below to book in a time with me. Or, if you’re not sure, you can also book in to schedule a discovery call to talk more about what I do and if my services are the right fit for your needs.


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine)
  • ANTA Registered – Private health rebates available
  • Current Working with Children Check
  • Current First Aid Certificate